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Planning an event can be stressful, but we’ve compiled a list of questions we hear the most. If one of your questions isn’t listed, give us a call and we’ll answer everything you need to know.

Events are booked for four hours which does not include set-up or teardown. For wedding receptions, the bridal party can arrive one hour before the reception begins to eat dinner if they choose to.

There is no additional fee for the facility linens, chairs, tables, fine china, or silverware.

Our team will work with you to provide a recommendation on the amount of alcohol recommended based on your expected guest count.

No, bartenders are included in the bar set-up fee.

A member of our management team is on site during all events.

Our minimum guest count for a Saturday event in the Embassy Room is 300 and the Ambassador Room is 150. On Fridays, the minimum guest count for the Embassy Room is 275 and 125 guests for the Ambassador Room.

  1. Yes, cookies, cakes, and desserts are permitted from outside vendors and family members. The Embassy will tray and display these desserts, maintain the tables during your event and re-pack them at the end of the evening for you to take with you. All glassware and trays are provided by The Embassy. Guests are not permitted to set up their own dessert displays. 
  2. Regarding outside caterers, The Embassy does not permit any outside caterers. The Embassy has an in-house chef who has been providing amazing food for our guests for over 25 years.

You are permitted to use real flowers and candles. Tapered candles must have a covering, and Embassy staff will light all candles prior to the start of the event. Absolutely no glitter or confetti is permitted as well as no tape or command strips on Embassy property.

Yes, we will set-up an appointment for you to view our available centerpieces in advance. 

You can drop-off your items the day before the event between 10am – 4pm.

Depending on availability, you may be permitted to come in the day before your event between 10am – 4pm. However, this is not a guarantee and is at the discretion of The Embassy. 

The Embassy offers a variety of different size tables including hearts, rounds, rectangles, half-moons, and serpentines.

You are responsible for removing all personal belongings, centerpieces, etc. Our staff will take care of cleaning the space.

Yes, they will need to bring their own sound, electric equipment if needed. The Embassy will provide the DJ with an eight-foot, skirted table if needed. 

Yes, we are happy to provide our guests with a late-night snack. We will sit down with you to customize the menu you would like to have served.

Yes, you can have a personalized dance floor, but it has to be approved and scheduled in advance with the General Manager.

Security is scheduled by The Embassy staff, but the customer is responsible for paying them directly.

Yes, The Embassy has staging and risers available at no additional cost.